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Traffic and Funnels Confirmed Scam - Customer Loses 6k For Training and Facebook Ads NO JOBS!

Traffic and Funnels Confirmed Scam - Customer Loses 6k For Training and Facebook Ads NO JOBS!

This is what i've been saying all the while and you can check out the youtube video here.  Here is the most recent comment from someone who fell for the scam and now gets to see these idiots laugh all the way to the bank. I'm sure they will come up with some rebuttal that this guy didn't follow it correctly or didn't spend enough money. It's all BS scam to get you to spend more and more money. The truth is Facebook Ads hardly ever work. People go on facebook to spy on friends not look for plumbers. Sorry you will spend a ton and maybe get one lead as this guy explains here:


Based solely on my personal experience with Julie Languille as a business coach who IS one of their clients who claims to have quit corporate and moved her family from Washington State to Hawaii. I asked very specifically before signing up if Facebook was the proper venue for me to advertise my local electric service business. After I was assured by her that it was, I signed up with Julie Languille for coaching and paid $4800.00 upfront for weekly coaching calls to design ads on facebook that was supposed to drive hundreds of leads to me. One ad told of a lady who put one ad out there and immediately had 99 leads... Well after 12 weeks and thousands of additional $$$ spent in Facebook ads I received one lead that turned into a call with a gross of $280.00 I was told to shut off the instagram lead portion of the Facebook ads at one point and guess where the one call I did get came from?? yep... instagram.... I was told to create a profile on Houzz, which I did. I was told after several weeks of no response on ads that I needed to sign up for leads from Home Depot.... I have been in my business for 30 years and looked at Home Depot many years ago... It is not a source of viable leads for any reputable company and I didn't hire her for that, I hired her for her expertise (or so she claimed) on Facebook. Each coaching call was an hour long and after 12 weeks she said she was going to have me coached by another person she just hired and this person worked with me for a few additional weeks and tried to sell me "Click Funnels" for $97 a month, saying that was the answer. so after 16 weeks of over $6800 dollars total investment and no appreciable return whatsoever I asked for my $4800 back since she was clearly wrong about Facebook. She refused saying she would keep working with me until it worked... It didn't work in 16 weeks but what??? Should I invest another 16 weeks and more money in Facebook ads and time on "coaching" calls?? Would that somehow make it work?? No but it would keep my hard earned money in her pocket.... I had done some Facebook advertising before I saw Julie Languille's ad online and I had limited success boosting posts of my work on my Facebook page.... when her ideas weren't working she looked at the results of what I had done on my own before she came along (it was better btw) and suddenly she wanted me to do that.... You mean I invested $4800 in Facebook "coaching" for you to tell me that what I was already doing was the best thing to do?? Really?? So when I asked for a refund she told me I didn't do enough ... that I was expected in addition to the hour long coaching calls each week to come to some online mastermind class and share what was working.... which was NOTHING taught to me by her... unless you expect a $280 job per 6K+ investment to be "working."

Bottom line is this guy is your typical customer. He fell for it. He needs SEO period. Come up organically and you will never need to pay for another ad again. That is what we do. Reach out to us if you want to learn. 

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