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Got an email from this complete joke of a guy Jeev Trika. He stated he owns this and I can have my website and company listed on the site for 1k/mo. The company has decent SEO results for the rare searches of "Top SEO Companies" and stuff like that. However, when you go to "Top Orlando SEO Companies" this website and his Orlando page is nowhere to be found. I doubt 1k/mo will get you any new leads from this website. Most people looking up SEO companies are SEO companies themselves. The platform is nice but at 1k/mo I don't think it is worth it at all. 

The other option is $2 per click on his site. Now you have no way of knowing how many times it was clicked and if a lead generated from it. So, you are leaving it up to Jeev Trika to bill you based on clicks. He could just make up a number like you were clicked 100 times this week and you owe me $200. You probably didn't get a lead from it and now owe him $200. Seems a little fishy to me. 

Update 2018 still scam

Update 2018: This idiot Jeev Trika still spamming and still scamming I see. This is confirmed scam now when you google this company with the word scam. You will see rip off reports and much more about Jeev Trika (Fake Name) Stay far away from this If you want the real Top SEO company contact us. 

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