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Digital marketing has made a major breakthrough in the era of technology. The digital marketers or anyone who works on or around the internet are dwelling in the world where they know that the importance of Orlando SEO cannot be questioned. The ranking of the website on the search engines is the only thing a marketer worries about. Nowadays, people are jumping into the online world with only the purpose of brand management and earning money. They are familiar with the term of Search Engine Optimization, somewhat. Some people may not be familiar with technicalities and functionality of Orlando SEO. This is where the branding agency Dubai comes in and helps, guides people, and makes them understand that Orlando SEO is an integral part of digital marketing. 
2017 is well underway, which means we have already forgotten about our New Year's resolutions but the truth is when it comes to neglecting our priories about Orlando SEO, the consequences can be severe. Keeping that in mind, I have compiled 6 Orlando SEO mistakes for you to look at that you need to avoid keeping your rankings up in 2017 and beyond. Here goes:

1.    Plagiarism
The most important thing when it comes to Orlando SEO is the content. It’s been a while since you were in school but let me tell you that plagiarism and stealing someone’s work is still not okay. Creating mesmerizing compelling content takes a lot of effort and time, but it is all worth it in the end. If you steal from another site and pass it on as yours, it is not only illegal but your website could get banned from search engines by Google. It is considered a sin in the Orlando SEO world. Your content should be authentic, useful, and original. This is what we have been hearing since forever but marketers fail to wrap their heads around this point.

2.    Over emphasis on keyword
The second most important thing to keep in mind is adding popular and relevant keywords. It is a part of Orlando SEO, but the thing is most people go overboard with keywords. In order for search engines to understand what your web page or website is about, they need keywords and key-phrases to determine if it is a high-quality content and if people would want to see or read it. It will not work if you are only including popular keywords multiple times in your content or if you are including multiple keywords into the content, then it starts looking mechanical and fake. Also, if you are stuffing too many keywords in a title or content, then it reduces the value of your primary keyword.

3.    Using Broken links
Now, we are on the subject of link-building. It is possible that you add some links to your content and forget about it later entirely. After some time, the link may stop working this will bear no fruit to your website and only come out as a disadvantage. It is important to remember that links to and from quality websites will serve you far better in the Orlando SEO rankings than lots of links from websites that are not authentic, in the Orlando SEO rankings. In a way, you are helping the reader when you link your content to another website but if you add a link to a website that shut down after a while and you didn’t keep the link updated, your readers will be disappointed and this will affect the Orlando SEO ranking.

4.    Neglecting guest posts
Guest posting is being tapped by the marketers to help their websites thrive as it is a great way to get exposure to your content, grow your audience and it helps to build authority in your niche. Though, when it’s done incorrectly and without a strategy, it can be completely ineffective. That being said, guest posting is an extremely popular way to build links, and increase leads. So, any wise marketer will not turn away from having a relevant, useful guest post on his/her website from a writer who is well-known and recognized in the industry. Community building is as essential in the online world as it is the bricks-and-mortar one, so welcome the exposure and the chance to network and link-build.

5.    Ignoring UX
UX is called User Experience. The User Experience is pretty self-explanatory, in my opinion. The UX is the butter for the bread that is Orlando SEO. The thing is your users have to be able to access your site quickly and pleasantly. Google says, “Focus on the users and all else will follow”, and this is what you need to focus on in order to get higher rankings in the search engines. One of the main things is that your users have to have a pleasant positive experience, the good user experience of your website. Easy navigation, quick loading speed, and useful content are what offer a good user experience.

6.    Failing to utilize analytic tools
Neglecting to check the progress of your website is really not a good idea. I understand that it was a pain to keep track of the progress of your website but now with the analytic and Google webmaster tools it as easy as checking your social media account. The common mistake from the beginning of Orlando SEO till 2017 is that some marketers simply refuse to use the tools that are available to them, thinking their website will stand out of its own accord. The important thing to keep in mind is not to use the tools that are widely available to the mass population. Using the analytic tool gives you an insight of your data, monitors the keywords and helps you come up with a plan that ensures good ranking in the search engine.
Once you have mastered the art of using Orlando SEO properly and by keeping a look out for these six mistakes that you must avoid and some tactics through which you can overcome them. You will surely have a major impact on your website’s progress and gradually improve your online search rankings. Keep theses in mind and try to avoid making these mistakes for good.

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