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I've never seen such garbage in my life. I have to give them credit though because it will get some idiot to pay it. This company send out an email saying that your site may be illegal if you do not acquire an SSL certificate through them. The price of course is a whopping $84 which is completely ridiculous. You can get an SSL done for a couple bucks. If you need it email me and I will get it setup for you. Now to the legality of the website. No - you will not get fined for your website unless you are running your own web server out of your home and configured it yourself. If you are doing that you need SSL of course, but if you are that smart to be running your own server, I doubt you would forget the SSL portion to a website. Most everyone uses shared hosting such as godaddy, hostgator et cetera. They are the ones liable for your hosting and will cut you off if they see dangerous activity on it. Period. Do not fall for these idiot scams. This company has no location - some 800# and obviously is a scam outside the USA. This is the email I received from these clowns:

Messages sent through your website contact form are not encrypted.

This means that anyone can listen in or snoop on your communications and customer emails. In addition to the obvious dangers that this presents, it also makes you legally liable for all damages and a $250,000 statutory fine.


To fix this problem, you must install an SSL certificate on your website:


This will encrypt your communications and make all connections on your website secure. Installation and technical support for 1 year is available with the service.


WARNING: Your website may stop working with 48 hours if it is reported as a malicious website, as a result of hosting insecure content. If you have already been blacklisted, we may be able to help get your website back online.


Order your secure certificate on:


We deliver the certificate to your email within minutes and offer professional installation and tech support.

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