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Ryan Stewman Hardcore Closer - Funnel Closer - Confirmed Scam

Ryan Stewman Hardcore Closer - Funnel Closer - Confirmed Scam

You fall for the guy who is talking up his money and saying you can do it as well. Stop being a pussy right? After all that bull shit talk remember Ryan Stewman will stand behind his disclaimer:

Disclaimer:  No Earnings Projections, Promises Or Representations

The only person making money using Hardcore Closer / Funnel Closer is Ryan Stewman when you buy into it. Only the top of the pyramid scheme people get paid. This guy does not have the secret sauce to close deals. Just not happening. He just is a juiced up dude who is trying to bank. He was a mortgage guy up until 2010. You know those guys who ruined the economy giving loans to unqualified individuals? He found a way by taking advantage of people who are thinking they can be like him. Don't fall for the hype. There is no such thing as a funnel closer or a hardcore closer. He has no secret. If he did, THE LAST THING HE WOULD BE DOING IS TRYING TO SELL IT TO YOU. Let that sink in - If this guy was as good at closing as he says he would keep it to himself and bank. The fact he is on social media so much and doing all this shows his only income is banking off people like you to buy into his shitty program. How many people are making money off Ryan Stewman? Riddle me that please. He has people that are lying that are in his facebook groups that get money off sending him to you. It's called affiliate marketing. Once Ryan Stewman gets your money he does not care about you. You have been suckered. Do yourself a favor and learn a real skill, and if you want to prone your "hardcore closing skills" pick up a yellow pages and start calling until you figure it out. Then maybe you can do a webinar about how good you are. 

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