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This is the same garbage we have covered for years now. These scam companies that spam you with a Gmail email address and get your mouth wet promising page one results. Recently a client of mine got the email and replied. This sends back a long email saying how they will do all this stuff for the website. Then show a couple results. These idiots haven't ranked anything good. They are not local and will steal your money. They have no knowledge of local SEO and how to rank a local site. If you need SEO simply ask them to prove results. Get something good that you can see, and then have them prove it by putting their company name at the bottom of that highly ranked website. If they can do that and the price is right perhaps give them a try. If they send you some garbage links with no local results. Don't waste your time or money. 

If you need Orlando SEO let us know. We are experts. And here is a video breaking down that.

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