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Las Vegas Web Design Company - SEO Scam Artists Who Do Not Live in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Web Design Company - SEO Scam Artists Who Do Not Live in Las Vegas

Received the following email spam from this idiot at and also saying they are affiliated with - These idiots spam thinking I need white label SEO services etc. It's such a joke. I'm so sick of getting these. Here is the email I received:

Here are 2 examples for you to look through.

We have been doing SEO for 10 years. We have analyzed hundreds of websites that have top Google rankings and have created a massive list of high-quality links that all of these top ranked websites have done in order to get top rankings. We do these same links for all of our clients and White Label SEO websites. 

We do the 3 following tasks each month:

For $300 per month we:
#1 - Write 4 (500 word) blog posts each month. 100% USA well-written SEO content.
#2 - Optimize the entire website around the list of keywords we are targeting. We either work with the list of keywords you provide us or we do our own research to see what keywords the company should be targeting.
#3 - We go through our SEO link file getting as many links as possible for each website. 

We have many top Google rankings and I can honestly say our SEO for $300 per month is some of the highest quality SEO you can find.

Thank you, 

Taylor Johnson

Now we know that is a fake name. The Las Vegas thing is fake. The guy admitted to me later in an email. Then said of course the famous "I don't feel comfortable giving out my other clients results to you." Complete joke. If you were doing a good job you would be advertising it all over the web. The clients wouldn't care if you actually were helping them. If you want to white label SEO you can do it with us. These idiots think flat fee SEO will work. Such a joke. You can't think you willl rank for some keywords the same as another industry. Sorry doesn't work like that. 

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