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You know we love to bring the scams to your attention here at IDrive Media Group. Another one is this - they spam you with promises about page one results. Please pay us and we will get to work. If you ask for results they can't provide you any. Then you say give us a trial period. They say they can't. It's all a scam. Here is the email I got from these scam artists when they spammed my website. 

I am Bikas, digital marketing & SEO Specialist at Glsxsin. We have been serving various small and local businesses in the different location.


When come across to your website, I believe we can improve your online presence in the small area, Neighborhood, and ZIP codes. Now Google emphasizes on local searches so you can use that benefit.


We can help you to improve your online visibility in local areas. There are some key points that can be worth your money and time.

  1. We check the onsite issues and fix it for local searches
  2. We localize your site and add ZIP code in website
  3. We setup GMB page and optimize it
  4. We syndicate your business information in local directories
  5. We review your real competitors and find the link building opportunities
  6. We set up Google Alerts and keep bird’s eyes on your industry updates 
  7. We advertise in your service area to get traffic and sales
  8. We setup/update internal blog in regular interval
  9. We optimize your website for mobile searches
  10. We setup and manage social media campaign for your business

Let me know if you are interested in going with my proposal? I would happy to revert back you with your website audit report.


Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.



SEO Specialist
Call: +1 (315) 636-0299

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