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The Facebook Ads Scam and reviews of Companies like Needls

The Facebook Ads Scam and reviews of Companies like Needls

More and more companies are telling people that facebook ads are the answer to their struggling business prayers. This is false. You can get a decent lead here or there from facebook perhaps, but the majority of the time it's money wasted. Think about it for yourself, you are on facebook all the time so when is the last time you saw an ad and clicked on it and/or did business because of it? The answer is slim to none. Most people on facebook are on it to look at friends or add something to a community page et cetera. I doubt you will be going on and seeing what a friend is doing, and say to yourself I really need a new roof. Give me a break. Companies like this Needls, are trying to get people in with Facebook ads and they will run it for you. Just another scam. Also, they are in Canada don't do business outside the US. You can't get a refund FYI. And Why would you pay half of your money to some company to put up a little facebook ad for you? Did you know that most facebook ads don't even get approved. You can't even use a picture with a bunch of text in it. Therefore, you have to use one image and then write about your product. Then hope people take the time to read it and convert. You will need a high budget to attract new customers. For most small businesses this is just not the way to go. I've test and tried this with many many companies and it's a waste of money. Facebook charges for impressions which is ridiculous. So, people just glancing over it to look at next post, which 99% of us do, you will be charged for. Then engagements forget about it. The only hope for a facebook ad is if you can give away something free. An amazing deal with a click funnel page and a timer. Those may have a chance to convert. Otherwise, save your money. If you need help with an offer or building a funnel for leads hit us up.

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